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What Nespresso machine makes lattes?

If you’re purchasing a Nespresso machine to make lattes, your best choice would be a model that either has a built-in milk frother or is bundled with an Aeroccino milk frother.

Going with a machine that has a built-in frother means the machine will automatically heat, froth and pour in the milk into your cup. So it is truly a single push button operation. Models with this type of frothers are Lattissima models like Lattissima Pro, Lattissima One or Lattissima Touch. They’re all OriginalLine machines, so you’ll be able to use Nespresso capsules or 3rd party capsules.

Pros of having built-in milk frother:

  • Fully automatic drink preparation. This includes lattes, cappuccino, macchiato or any other milk based drink.
  • Using OriginalLine machine gives you access to more capsule brands and you’re not restricted to Nespresso’s capsule.

Cons of a built-in milk frother:

  • Some users have said that the milk temperature is not always to their liking. It is lukewarm or not hot enough. But this would depend on the model.
  • Built-in milk frothers are detachable, so you can store any left-over milk in the fridge without the need to change containers. However, some users have reported that the containers on these machines are not sealed enough to keep the milk fresh, so it spoils fast.

Your second choice would be to go for a machine with bundled Aeroccino. These create nice creamy froth for either latte or cappuccino, but they’re separated from the machine itself, so you’ll have to add the milk and pour it into your cup – nothing major.

Pros of using an Aeroccino:

  • It makes hot or cold foam, if you’re fan of iced coffee drinks you’ll appreciate this.
  • Easier to clean than a built-in frother. A quick rinse will do the trick.

Cons of an Aeroccino:

  • Since it is not built into the machine, it requires an additional power outlet.
  • It has to be cleaned after each use. But again, since it is non-stick, it is very easy to clean. Just don’t let it sit with milk residue for a long time.

If you’re going with an Aeroccino as your choice for milk frother, now you have to choose between an OriginalLine or a Vertuo machine:

Again, here I am assuming that you will be mostly making Lattes.. and to make a Latte you will need frothed milk and espresso.

Using an OriginalLine machine, you’ll need to use two espresso capsules ($0.70 to $0.72 per capsule, so about $1.40* for a cup) for the perfect Latte ratio, or you can use one Lungo capsule which will give you a longer shot of espresso. If you use a Vertuo machine, you can use a single Double Espresso ($1 per pod). *pricing is per official Nespresso capsules, you can find cheaper OriginalLine capsules from other brands, but Vertuo is available from Nespresso only.

If you’re looking for variant of espresso pods for your latte, I would suggest going for an OriginalLine machine so you can enjoy capsules from Nespresso as well as other 3rd party brands.

Can Nespresso Make Iced Coffee?

Yes, Nespresso can make Iced coffee.. Technically speaking, any coffee maker will make you iced coffee.

Iced coffee is made by adding ice to your coffee brew. However, since ice melts into the coffee right away, you’ll want to use strong coffee so it doesn’t taste watered down when this happens.

Nespresso has two type of capsules formulated specially for this. Ice Forte and Ice Leggero (Vertuo pods) and Freddo Intenso and Freddo Delicato for Original Line. These capsules have been roasted in a way that is stronger so when ice melts into it, the strong taste holds itself and you can enjoy it until last drop.

But again, you can really use any type of capsule to make your iced coffee. You just want to use a strong coffee pod.

Can Nespresso Make Regular Coffee?

If by regular coffee, you mean coffee that is not Espresso, then yes, Nespresso Vertuo machines can do that. They can brew 5 cup sizes: espresso, double espresso, lungo, mug and travel mug. However, it is important to note that the larger cup coffee it makes is not drip coffee, as the process it uses is entirely different, it will not taste like your traditional drip coffee maker brew.

Vertuo machines use Centrifusion technology that rapidly spin the capsule while saturating it with hot water. Each type of capsule has its own parameters programmed into the machine to bring out the best flavor out of it. This happens automatically by reading a barcode on the rim of each capsule. On your part, you only have to press a single button. The machine reads the barcode and it will identify the type of capsule, size, and temperature required to make it.

Can Nespresso Make Hot Water?

Some coffee makers will have an on-demand hot water button that is useful for making beverages other than coffee, or even instant meals. When it comes to Nespresso, or any other single-serve coffee maker for that matter, if you press the brew button without putting in a capsule, you’ll get a cup of hot water. However, that water will most likely be mixed with some coffee residue since it’s not designed to dispense hot water on demand.

There are two Nespresso models that actually have hot water on demand button (as of the time of writing), with a separate hot water spout. First is the Essenza Plus, with its hot water option for making Americanos, which is espresso mixed with hot water, or for tea/instant meals. The second machine is the Creatista Pro by Breville, which has a professional steam wand that also works as a hot water dispenser, much like commercial espresso machines.

Are Nespresso Pods Recyclable?

Yes, Nespresso capsules (by Nespresso) are made of Aluminum that is fully recyclable. In fact, with every purchase, Nespresso will give you a bag where you can collect your pods so you can send them back or drop them at a boutique for recycling.

Are Nespresso Pods Compatible with Keurig?

No, Nespresso and Keurig are totally different. Nespresso pods are only compatible with Nespresso machines and Keurig pods work with their own Keurig systems, too.

Can Nespresso Pods Be Used Twice?

No, each capsule is designed for a single use only. It is measured to serve a single cup of espresso, lungo, coffee… whichever drink you choose. Technically, the machine will not reject brewing the same capsule twice, however, you will not be getting much out of the second brew cycle.

What Nespresso Capsule Is Best for Latte?

For milk based drinks, Nespresso recommends their Barista Creation line which notes come to life when mixed with milk. They’re available in different intensities perfect for every occasion. Their flavored pods are great too. They’re not sweet, do not contain and sugar and offer a hint to flavors and aromas that you can bring out by using syrups, or keep them as they are if you’re not a fan of sweet coffee.

Will Nespresso Recycle Other Pods or Starbucks Pods?

No, Nespresso will only recycle their own brand pods. Even though Starbucks capsules are made by Nespresso, they will not accept it for recycling.

Are Nespresso Pods Vegan/Gluten Free?

Yes, they are totally vegan and gluten free. Nespresso’s pods contain nothing but pure ground coffee.

Nespresso has three milk frothers currently available: Aeroccino 3, Aeroccino 4 and Barista Recipe Maker

Does the Nespresso Frother Heat Milk?

Yes, all Nespresso frothers heat milk as well as froth it. They also make cold foam without heating the milk, which is great for iced coffee drinks.

Is the Nespresso Milk Frother Worth It?

If you’re going to be making a lot of milk based coffee drinks then yes, absolutely. You’ll have hot and frothy milk in a minute using a frother. If you’re yet to buy a Nespresso machine, then I would recommend you get the frother as a bundle with the machine, that would be the best value. On their own, the frothers are somewhat expensive and you’ll most likely find cheaper frothers from other brands.

Can You Put Heavy Cream/Half and Half in Nespresso Frother?

You can add heavy cream, half and half or any type of milk (dairy or non-dairy) in your Aeroccino. I do recommend that you rinse it right after use though, especially after frothing heavy cream.

Can I Put Hot Chocolate in Nespresso Frother?

This is something that Nespresso does not recommend. However, many users have added chocolate powder or syrup to their Aeroccino frothers without a problem. The only issue here is that sugar residue from the chocolate could slightly burn or stick to the teflon or ceramic coating and that’s the only reason Nespresso warns against this. So if you’re going to give it a try, just make sure to wash your frother right after use.

What is the Best Milk for Nespresso Frother?

The type of milk you use affects the amount of froth you get, and that’s a general rule to frothing and not just Nespresso frothers.

Using whole milk gives you the thickest and creamiest type of foam. While using low fat or skimmed milk creates very airy froth. Using non-dairy milk is always a hit or miss, it does not always give the best result. Soy milk creates a lot of bubbles, but they burst and settle very quickly to leave you with little to no froth. Same goes for almond milk. Some brands have now introduced non-dairy milk that is specially formulated for frothing, so you could get better results out of them.

Which Nespresso Frother is Best

[amazon table=”1247″]

Aeroccino 3 – Nespresso’s basic frother. It has two whisks that you swap to create either dense or light froth. The interior is teflon non-stick coating, so you’ll want to be careful with it so it does not chip. Also, it’s not dishwasher safe and cannot be submerged in water.

Aeroccino 4 is an improvement from the 3 in many levels. To start, it has 4 buttons for customizing your froth: three hot milk options, light or dense foam or hot milk, fourth button is for cold foam. It does not require changing whisks – one whisk does it all. The frother’s jug is detachable from the base, it is dishwasher safe and can be submerged in water. The coating is ceramic and does not risk chipping easily like teflon.

Barista Recipe Maker is Nespresso’s high end frother and most expensive one. It is bluetooth connected and it can give you step by step recipes. You can also add different ingredients to this one without any issues. It is worth noting that the kind of froth this frother makes is different to what an Aeroccino makes. It is similar to micro foam than to a dense or airy foam usually made by electric frothers. So if you enjoy stiffer kind of froth, the Recipe maker isn’t for you.

In my opinion, I find the Aeroccino 4 to be the best frother by Nespresso. It is dishwasher safe, has ceramic coating and has options to create different foams using a single whisk.

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