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Best Insulated Tumbler for Hot and Cold Drinks

Insulated tumblers are a heaven sent for anyone who likes to enjoy their drink at the same temperature they made it until last drop. And it doesn’t matter if you’re having your drink hot or cold, an insulated tumbler will keep its temperature for you for several hours. Duration though will vary depending on the […]

Instant Pod Review and Comparisons

Coffee is not the first thing that will come to mind when reading the name ‘Instant Pot’, a brand name that has always been synonymous with slow cookers. But as the company expands, they’ve come up with a versatile single-serve coffee and espresso maker that will brew a cup to everyone’s taste. The coffee maker, […]

Buy Starbucks Holiday K-Cups Limited Edition 2021

The holiday season is finally here. It’s officially time for warm and spicy coffee blends that bring joy to our hearts. Starbucks are well known for their Holiday blend and limited edition coffees that are released around holidays season. The holiday limited edition packs are usually available as coffee beans but also as K-Cup pods […]

Keurig K-Express: Review and Comparisons with other Keurig Machines

If you’ve ever wanted a Keurig brewer but found them to be out of your budget, then we have good news for you. Keurig’s K-Express is the brewer for you, it packs all the necessary features you need at a very ‘welcoming price’ as Keurig calls it. The K-Express gives you variety of brew sizes, […]