What Is Keurig Classic Series?

These are original Keurig models that accept all kind of K-Cup cups. Many Keurig models have been discontinued but are still sold.

Pros of Keurig Classic Series:

  • Easy to use. Simple button controls and no special programmability.
  • No DRM on K-Cup pod. You can use any type of K-Cup pods.

Cons of Keurig Classic Series:

  • No customization. You can’t customize the strength or temperature of your coffee. (K-Elite allows this now – see below)
  • Less cup sizes: the largest cup you can brew is 10 oz. (K-Select, K-Elite and K-Mini can brew up to 12 oz)

Keurig Classic Series Machines:

Keurig lists two models as Keurig Classic Series brewers:

Keurig K55 (also known as K-Classic): a simple to use machine with 3 cup-sizes (6, 8 and 10 oz), 48 oz water reservoir and easy button controls. It has no special programmability, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a great cup of K-Cup without any extra features.

Keurig K15 Mini: This is a portable and small coffee maker, perfect for personal use. It has no water reservoir, but instead, a water tank that you fill for every use. It brews 3-cup sizes and has a single Brew button operation. It doesn’t get any simpler than the K15.

Reviews and Comparisons of Keurig Classic Coffee Makers:

K-Select and K-Elite:

Keurig has added two new models to their range of coffee makers. These models have been slightly redesigned to look more modern, but more importantly, they have a new cup size which the other Classic brewers don’t have. And luckily, the K-Select and K-Elite are compatible with all K-Cup pods including refillable filters.

Keurig K-Select: the new model is a direct competitor to the K55 brewer. First thing you notice about it is that it has a more sleek design. K-Select can brew four cup sizes, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz, and it has a 52 oz water reservoir, which is bigger than K55’s 48 oz.  This model also has a Strong Brew option that brews your coffee with a stronger and bolder taste.

Keurig K-Elite: This is the next-level model with features similar to Keurig 2.0 brewers (except for brewing a carafe), it has 5 cup sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz, Strong brew setting, ICED setting for making iced beverages without losing flavor, and it has hot water on demand, perfect for making instant meals and soups. It also has a timer for auto on/off, temperature control, strong brew setting and high altitude setting. The generous water reservoir of 75 oz is enough for brewing up to 8 cups before the need to refill.

Keurig K-Classic (K55) vs. K-Select, What’s The Difference?

As we mentioned, K-Select and K-Classic (K55) are competitive models, so how are they different and which of them do you choose?

  • First difference is, cup sizes. The K-Select has four cup size options, largest being 12 oz, which has always been requested by Keurig customers. K55 has three cup size options, 10 oz is the largest.
  • The water tank capacity of K-Select is bigger, 52 oz vs. 48 oz on the K55.
  • Strong Brew setting is available on the K-Select but not on the K55.
  • Design wise, K-Select has an updated look and is made of materials that is fingerprint resistant so it looks cleaner than K55 even after heavy use.

We do recommend the K-Select over the K-Classic for its new 12 oz cup serving and Strong Brew option. It does look quite nicer, too, which is always a plus!

What Is Keurig Plus Series?

Plus Series is another name for Keurig 2.0 Brewers. These Keurig coffee makers come packed with a lot of features and programmability that make you tweak your coffee to your taste.

Pros and features of Keurig Plus Series Special:

Important note: Keurig seems to have discontinued the Keurig 2.0 series and K-carafe pods are no longer available. If you would like to brew single cup and a full carafe, have a look at the Keurig K-Duo machine.

  • Cup sizes and Carafe: K-Cups for Keurig 2.0 are available in 3 sizes: K-Cup, K-Mug and K-Carafe. These sizes allow you to brew into a cup, a mug, a travel mug or a carafe that is full-bodied and always delicious.
  • Strength and Temperature Settings: you can choose the strength of your brew and choose from different temperature settings.
  • Automatic Settings: upon inserting a pod, the machine can read a label on it that will automatically adjust the settings to the best parameters for that pod. Of course, you can always change the settings to your liking.
  • Touch Screen: All that programmability… it must be difficult to use a Keurig Plus Series? Not at all! All settings are done by pressing a touch screen and guided instructions. The touchscreen varies in sizes and whether it’s black and white or colored depending on the model.

Cons of Keurig Plus Series:

  • DRM on Pods: Keurig Plus Series uses K-Cups made specially for them. Keurig 2.0 pods are still available from most brands, so finding them should not be an issue. Also, the new pod sizes are only available for 2.0 brewers. Also, there are refillable pods available, too.
  • K-Carafe pods are no longer available. We do not recommend these machines if carafe brewing is what you’re looking for. check out the K-Duo machines instead, which feature single serve brewing as well as carafe using ground coffee.

Keurig Plus Series Machines:

Keurig K250: The smallest and most compact. This 40 oz brewer comes in many fun colors, it has a small black and white touchscreen. For customization, it only offers Strength control, but can still brew all cup, mug and carafe sizes.

Keurig K475: This one comes with a 70 oz water reservoir, and its customizable settings include both Strength and Temperature control. It has a large color touchscreen and comes in three colors.

Keurig K575: The ultimate choice. The K575 is the largest with an 80 oz reservoir. It has an extra large touchscreen (colored), has a nightlight and includes strength and temperature settings. It is available in Black only.

Reviews and Comparisons of Keurig Plus 2.0 Coffee Makers:

Which Should You Choose? Keurig Classic or Keurig Plus?

Here’s the great news, whichever model you choose, you’ll get the same delicious coffee (or other hot beverages!), so you don’t have to worry about coffee quality when making your choice. All Keurig models essentially work the same way. But here’s what to consider:

  • What cup sizes do you want to brew? Do you want to most variety of cup sizes including a travel mug and a carafe? Then a Keurig Plus is a must.
  • If you want control over strength and temperature of your coffee, again, a Keurig Plus is what you need.
  • If you’re not interested in additional cup sizes or strength/temperature control, then a Keurig Classic should be a good choice.

If You’re Upgrading From an Old Keurig:

This is an important note. If you have an old Keurig brewer and you’re thinking about upgrading to a new Keurig, do you choose a Classic or Plus brewer?

If you have a lot of K-Cups at hand from your old Keurig, then do know that these pods will NOT work with a Keurig Plus brewer. So your option is either to giveaway these pods or to go for a Keurig Classic brewer which accept all kind of Keurig pods.

Which Model To Choose?

Now that you’ve decided between Classic or Plus, which model of these lines do you choose?

  • What Reservoir Size Do You Need? this alone will help you with your decision right away, since most differences are in sizes between machines. If you make a lot of coffee cups per day, your obvious choice should be to go for the largest water reservoir.
  • Special Features: customization is a big plus in a coffee maker. It allows you to make your coffee exactly as you like, whether that is in strength or temperature. If these things are important to you, make sure you pick a model that has them.

Keurig Classic vs. Elite, What Is The Difference?

The model name Keurig Elite comes up quite often when mentioning Keurig Classic. What exactly is Elite and how does it compare to Keurig Classic?

Elite is actually the old and discontinued model. It works exactly like the Classic, but since it first came out, it’s been revamped and now it is known as the Keurig Classic. You’ll notice that some stores or websites still sell Elite models, and perhaps you can save a few bucks by buying one, but you’re definitely not getting the best machine. You’ll want the latest model, which is Keurig Classic K55, and it will be worth your extra few dollars.

Why Some Keurig Models Start with K and others Start with B?

Looking at the range of Keurig coffee machines, you’ll notice some models are identical, yet some names start with K and others start with B. Is there a difference here that you should know about?

No, not exactly. These K or B associations in name often come in Classic machines, and there’s no special difference to report here. Whether it’s K or B is, it simply refers to distribution centers, or sometimes UL listings.

Commercial Keurig Coffee Makers, Are They Classic or Plus models?

There are a few reasons people might prefer a commercial Keurig instead of ones that were made for home use. We wrote about it in a previous post. But are they considered Classic or Plus machines?

Keurig commercial machines use the old K-Cups, they only brew 3 to 4 cup sizes and they don’t have an option to brew a carafe. So, although they’re not called that, they’re more in line with Keurig Classic than a Plus.

What Is The Largest Water Reservoir I Can Get on a Keurig? And Which Is The Smallest?

When it comes to home use machines, the largest reservoir you can get is the Keurig 2.0 K575’s 80 oz reservoir. And the smallest is Keurig Classic K15 Mini, which isn’t exactly a ‘reservoir’, but a fill as you brew water tank. There are other options for small water reservoirs from K-Cup brewers made by other brands. You can see our list here.


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