Compact single-serve brewers from Keurig aren’t something new. They have multiples of them in their line of products, including the famous K-Mini and K-Mini Plus. But they all have one thing in common: they don’t have a water reservoir. Instead, you add fresh water each time you brew a cup.

This is where the K-Slim shines as a compact brewer. It’s small in size AND it has an actual removable reservoir that holds enough water for a few uses.

Features of Keurig K-Slim Brewer

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With dimensions: 12.14” H x 4.76” W x 15.2” D, the K-Slim makes a compact K Cup Brewer. And while that’s one of its great design features, it has other nice features, too. It’s equipped with Keurig’s MultiStream technology, which is a needle design that creates 5 streams of water flow instead of one, to saturate the coffee pod better and extract more flavor. The 46 oz capacity of the reservoir is enough for multiple brews, and the fact that it is removable makes it easy to refill and clean.

Brew Time:

To be honest, the K-Slim isn’t the fastest brewer out there. It can take over a minute and 20 or 30 seconds from start to finish to brew a cup. That’s not necessarily SLOW, but there are brewers that are faster for sure.

Is Keurig K-Slim Right For You?

This model is best for:

  • Anyone who’s tight on space. Can’t spare to have a large brewer on their countertop.
  • Dorm rooms.
  • Personal office use.

It would NOT make the best choice for a large family or general office use where you’ll mostly be brewing a lot of cups.


Keurig K-Slim vs. K-Mini, How Do They Compare?

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As already mentioned, the K-Mini is another compact brewer also by Keurig. It is the most comparable to the K-Slim as they have similar designs.

Nearly the same width and size, except for the depth.Brew sizes: the K-Mini has one additional cup size
None have Strong Brew optionThe K-Slim has a Reservoir, the K-Mini doesn’t.
Both are travel cup friendly (up to 7″ tall)They’re available in difference colors

However, there are some difference:


Let’s start with the sizes of both brewers, since being compact is their selling point…

The K-Slim measures at 12.14” H x 4.76” W x 15.2” D
The K-Mini measures 12.1” H x 4.5” W x 11.3” D

So when it comes to height and width, they’re nearly the same. The K-Slim has more depth to it, and that would be because of the water reservoir which sits at the back of the machine.

Serving Sizes:

K-Slim has three serving sizes: 8, 10 and 12 oz.

K-Mini has four serving sizes: 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.


K-Slim is only available in black.

K-Mini available in multiple colors.

Should You Buy Keurig K-Slim?

Depends on how much you care for having a water reservoir. If the reservoir isn’t important enough for you, then the K-Mini or K-Mini plus would make a better choice for the additional serving size, color options and less depth.


Is Brew Quality The Same for Both Models?

Most of Keurig’s brewers make the same quality of coffee. The K-Slim features the MultiStream technology, which Keurig promises that it will make your coffee taste for flavorful due to better pod saturation.

In theory, that sounds great. But most users noticed little to no difference in brew quality. So I wouldn’t make a choice based on that technology. I would emphasize on the Strong Brew option that makes a clear difference in the brew. This option is not available in either model, unfortunately.

Having a Reservoir vs. Water Tank

One of the main differences between K-Slim and K-Mini is the water reservoir. the K-Slim has a removable water reservoir, this means, it’s easier to detach from the machine and refill and/or rinse ever now and then.

On the other hand, K-Mini does not have a detachable reservoir. Instead, you fill it up with the amount of water you want to brew. Meaning, you’ll have to bring water to it, which can be a bit of a hassle. And although cleaning the water tank isn’t a frequent task, you’ll have to do it someday and it will be less convenient than having a removable reservoir.

General Questions And Answers

Does the K-Slim Need a Filter?

The K-Slim is compatible with Keurig’s water filter starter kit, however, it is sold separately. Do you need a water filter, though? Using filtered water for your coffee is, without a doubt, better for the quality of your coffee. The quality of tap water is different from one area to another, so if you’re not sure about using tap water, you can either buy the filter kit or use filtered/bottled water instead.

Can I Use A Refillable Filter Pod with K-Slim?

Yes, it’s compatible with refillable pods.

Is K-Slim Available in Colors?

No, it’s only available in black.

Can I Make Hot Chocolate or Tea?

Like any K-Cup brewer, you can brew anything that comes in the a K-cup pod. That means coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and more.

Can I Make Iced Coffee With Either these Machines?

Yes, you can make iced coffee. In fact, you can make iced coffee with any coffee maker. Some Keurig brewers have an Over Ice feature, which will make the coffee bolder and shorter so it tastes strong enough for when it melts wit ice. If you don’t have that feature, simply brew the smallest amount you can and use the Strong brew if available. Add ice and enjoy!

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