Even though Keurig is by far one of the most popular single-serve coffee brewers, there are still many questions around what it is and how it works. For that reason, we’re dedicating this post to the most asked questions about Keurig brewers.

Questions About Keurig Machines:

How Does Keurig Work?

Keurig is available in many different models and a lot of features, but how it works basically remains the same. There are two parts of a Keurig coffee maker:

The machine itself, and the single serve coffee pod which contains enough coffee ground to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Once you insert the coffee pod into the machine, a needle that also pumps water punctures the coffee pod. The Keurig coffee machine will heat up the water and pump it through the coffee pod and that’s when the coffee starts to pour out into your cup.

It sounds like a lot of work, but you don’t have to do anything other than insert your favorite coffee pod and press a button, Keurig’s coffee maker will do the rest.

Are Keurig Coffee Makers Worth It?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a coffee maker. Keurig machines are affordable and are well worth their price. Many people complain that over time, buying K-Cup pods can get expensive, and they’re right. If you do the math, a single serve K-cup can cost more than a cup of drip coffee for example. But on the other hand, you get convenience, no mess or clean up to worry about it, and each person in your household or office gets a customized cup of coffee (unlike a coffee maker where everyone is forced to drink from the same pot/blend). And that’s where the true value of a single-serve coffee maker like Keurig comes through. And if you’re worried about K-Cup expensive, a reusable K-Cup filter can cut this cost out.

How Do I Use a Keurig Mini?

Keurig K-Mini Plus is the smallest Keurig brewer, perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space, or does not consume a lot of coffee. This particular model does not have a water reservoir. To use it, you have to fill it up every time with a fresh cup of water and it will use up all the wate you add in. So you have to fill it up according to the cup size you want to brew. Other then that, it works exactly the same as every other Keurig. You’ll find a single Brew button, so insert your coffee pod, fill up the water tank and hit the Brew button. That’s it!

Can You Put Milk in a Keurig?

No, absolutely not. That will ruin your machine, for sure. Keurig (or any other coffee maker for that matter) can be filled with WATER only. If you want milk with your coffee, there are two options:

  • You can use a milk pods, which brew the same way a K-Cup coffee would.
  • Heat your milk in a microwave and brew your coffee separately.

If you’re someone who likes milk based coffee drinks, then something like a the K-Cafe coffee maker would make a great choice for you…

As you can see, the K-Cafe was designed with you in mind. It has a built-in milk heater and frother that prepares hot milk, foamy milk as well as cold foam for iced drinks. And while it does brew coffee like any other Keurig machine, it also prepares Espresso-like coffee concentrate for making cappuccinos and lattes.

You can learn more about the K-Cafe here.

Which Keurig Makes Iced Coffee?

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Technically, you can make Iced coffee using any Keurig coffee maker by simply brewing coffee into a cup full of ice. You’ll want to make sure you’re not using a glass cup because going from cold to hot might cause it to break or shatter. Some Keurig coffee makers have a special Iced Coffee settings (like the K-Elite), what it does it adjust the settings to brew to a smaller size and bolder taste to make cup for the coffee taste when the ice starts to dilute. If you choose a Keurig that does not have this feature, you can simply just choose a smaller cup size than the actual size of the cup you’re brewing.

How Can I Make a Strong Cup of Coffee with a Keurig?

If you prefer a really strong cup of coffee, make sure you’re buying bold blends instead of medium. Many brands offer bold and dark roasts for a stronger taste. Try this Custom Variety Pack of Bold K-Cups which has 40 pods of bold, French roast and Dark Roast coffee.

Some Keurig models have Strong brewing options, which steeps the coffee a bit longer before dispensing the coffee brew to result in a stronger cup. Some of these models are Keurig Elite, Keurig Select and Keurig 2.0.

What Is a Keurig Vue?

Vue is one of Keurig’s models that had some advanced features like larger cup sizes, a touch screen, strength and temperature control, and more. These features were not available in other Keurig brewers, so Vue made the best choice. But as of now (2017), Vue’s great features have been implemented in Keurig 2.0 machines, and Vue models have been discontinued. You’ll probably still find Vue coffee makers sold in some shops, but we would not recommend you buy one as it’s been discontinued and you’ll rarely find Vue packs (specially designed pods for Vue) available.

What Does It Mean When My Keurig Says “Descale”?

It means it is time for the machine to be cleaned up internally. Descaling allows the machine to clean up the inside from any possible build ups/residues and ensures it remains functioning as it’s supposed to.

Where Can I Buy Keurig Descaling Solution?

You can buy it online from Keurig or Amazon. Or if you have a local store that sells Keurig machines, you’ll most likely find the descaling solution there, too.

How Often Should I Change My Keurig’s Filter?

It is recommended that you change the filter cartridges every 2 months, or 60 water reservoir refills. Not changing the filter will affect the quality of your coffee, so it’s highly recommended that you do not skip this maintenance step. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to use filter cartridges, then always make sure to use filtered water.

Questions About K-Cup Pods:

Does Keurig Make Espresso?

Keurig Coffee Maker is not just a coffee maker, it’s actually a brew station that can prepare a lot of drinks including coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more. Can a Keurig prepare Espresso though?

Chances are you’ll find Espresso K-Cups sold by many brands, but in reality, Keurig can’t make an authentic cup of espresso. Espresso is made by a high-pressure machine (espresso maker), which is something a Keurig doesn’t do. However, it might be able to create a brew that replicates the taste of espresso. That’d probably mean a dark roast and really strong coffee to replicate the strength of an espresso shot.

Does Keurig Make Cappuccino?

The answer to this question is similar to the previous one. Since Keurig can’t make an authentic espresso , which is the base of a Cappuccino, then it can’t make an authentic Cappuccino. You will find many Cappuccino K-Cup pods, but these pods are similar to an Instant Cappuccino sachet, in the sense that the pod contains the coffee, powdered milk, sugar or any artificial flavorings all inside it. So if you want a Cappuccino-like drink, your Keurig can make it. But if you want the real deal, you might want to get an espresso/cappuccino maker instead.

UPDATE: Keurig has released K-Cafe coffee maker which is now able to make cappuccino and latte.

Are Keurig K-Cup Pods Recyclable?

Not all K-Cup pods are recyclable. Keurig has released some recyclable K-Cup pods, but unfortunately, these are very limited in selection. So the majority of K-Cups remain not recyclable. If you’re worried about the environmental impact of plastic K-Cup use, we recommend that you use a stainless steel refillable filter pod, which are reusable and can be filled with any type of coffee ground you like.

Can I Use My Own Coffee in a Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker?

when Keurig 2.0 first came out, one of the major downsides to it was that it only accepted special K-Cups and no reusable pods. But not anymore! Now, Keurig has officially released a reusable K-Cup filter that allows you to use your own coffee ground for use with Keurig 2.0 brewers. Some filters are available from other brands, too. Check out our recommendations here.

Can You Make Tea in a Keurig?

Yes, sure thing! There are a wide variety of Tea K-Cup pods available from major brands like Lipton, Twinings, Tazo, Celestial Seasonings and more.

Are Verismo Coffee Pods Compatible with Keurig?

Verismo is a single-serve coffee maker by Starbucks. Verismo uses its own exclusive coffee pods, and so does Keurig. So, no, you can’t use a Verismo coffee pod in a Keurig and vice versa.

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