The name ‘French Vanilla Coffee’ simply prefers to any coffee that is sweetened with a vanilla flavored creamer or syrup. But how it’s actually made will come down to the place that’s making it. Each store has its own recipe and the taste differs from one place to another.

How Is French Vanilla Coffee Made?

There are several ways this delicious coffee drink is made:

  • You can use vanilla flavored coffee beans to brew your coffee, then add milk to it. But this will result in a light vanilla taste.
  • You can use powdered vanilla mix to add to your coffee.
  • You can add vanilla syrup or extract to your coffee with milk.

French Vanilla vs. Vanilla, Is There a Difference?

You have probably noticed that the drink is called French Vanilla Coffee. Is French Vanilla the same as any other vanilla flavor?

Technically speaking, they are not the same:

French Vanilla is a creamier flavor, and it’s mostly used in Ice Cream as it contains egg yolks to make it taste richer.

When it comes to a French Vanilla coffee creamer or syrup, it means that the flavor will taste creamier and more ‘custard like’. To achieve this flavor, some coffee houses will blend traditional vanilla with hazelnut or caramel syrup.

What Does French Vanilla Coffee Taste Like?

It depends on the type of French Vanilla Coffee you’re going for:

If you’re buying french vanilla flavored coffee beans and will brew it as black coffee, then you should expect a well balanced cup that is smooth, low bitterness with a hint of french vanilla flavor.

If you’re going for a French vanilla coffee mix or will be adding french vanilla syrup/power to your coffee, you should expect a sweeter cup of coffee.

Does French Vanilla Coffee Have Caffeine In It?

Yes, it’s just like any other brewed coffee, it has caffeine content and how much caffeine will depend on the amount you are consuming. It will also depend on whether you are making it with espresso or brewed coffee.

How To Make French Vanilla Coffee at Home

If you want to make a sweet French Vanilla Coffee at home that taste like what famous coffee chains sell, first thing is, I’d recommend you stay away from ‘French Vanilla Infused beans’. These type of coffees have a hint of flavor only, and they’re not made to taste sweet.

The easiest way to recreate your favorite french vanilla coffee at home is to either buy:

  • French vanilla syrup or
  • French vanilla creamer.

Then, there are two ways to make your coffee:

  • Either brew your black coffee as usual, add the flavored creamer and enjoy! or if you decided to go with the syrup, add milk then a pump or two of the syrup.
  • If you have an espresso machine, whether it’s a single-serve or a traditional machine, you can prepare a tall latte (two shots of espresso with milk) then add a pump or two of the french vanilla syrup to taste.

If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use instant espresso, or make a concentrated cup of instant coffee (add less water than you normally would).

Another way to do it, and the quickest way to do it, but it is my least favorite if you ask me, is to buy an instant mix of french vanilla coffee. These mixes come with the instruction of mixing a spoonful or two of the mix with hot water or milk. I would recommend that you mix it with milk for a richer taste, as water will make it taste very light.

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