The Keurig Single Serve coffee makers family keeps growing to provide you with the best coffee experience possible.

After the successful release of Keurig’s K-Duo line, now comes a newer edition that goes by the name K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus.

First thing you’ll notice about the K-Supreme, is that it looks identical to other Keurig machines like K-Slim and K-Min Plus. But actually, there’s a really interesting update in the K-Supreme that promises to noticeably improve the taste of your coffee.

K-Supreme vs. K-Supreme Plus vs. K-Supreme SMART

What’s New in Keurig K-Supreme?

Keurig's MultiStream Technology

In K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus, Keurig introduces a new technology that they call MultiStream Technology.

Now we all know that the way Keurig coffee makers work is by puncturing a pod with a needle which distributes water through the coffee pod to extract the coffee.

With MultiStream, instead of a single stream of water, the machine uses multiple streams of water, a total of 5 to be exact. What this does is distribute water more evenly through the pod, extracts more flavor and aroma and produces an overall better cup of coffee.

Features of Keurig K-Supreme

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The K-Supreme has a lot of similar features to previous Keurig machines, from serving sizes to customization options. However, MultiStream Technology is only available in the K-Supreme.

Keurig K-Supreme with Multistream Technology

The great thing about K-Supreme, or any Keurig machine for that matter, is the great variety of beverages you can enjoy. While coffee is the most popular beverage you can enjoy, you can also make hot chocolate, tea, hot apple cider and more! You can enjoy any type of K-cup pod available from any brand you want.

The new repositionable water reservoir is a great design feature that would be useful to anyone with a tight counter space. The reservoir can be moved to the back of the machine or to the left.

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Keurig K-Supreme vs. K-Supreme Plus, What Is The Difference?

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Keurig usually releases two versions of each model of their machines. The K-Supreme is no different. There’s the K-Supreme, which you’ve read its features above, and there’s the K-Supreme Plus version.

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What additional features the Plus version have?

-Programmable Favorites: You can save customized settings (size, temperature and strength) for up to three users.

-Larger 78 oz water reservoir – this one is NOT repositionable.

-It has a digital display screen.

-Stainless steel housing.

-One additional serving size: it brews 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.

Other that those differences, the K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus have the same features:

Strength Control, Iced coffee setting, MultiStream technology.

What Pods are Compatible with K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus?

You can use any K-Cup pod you like, from any brand. That includes refillable pods, too. However, Keurig says to be sure to use the newest version of My K-Cup which has a grey top, which is the kind that’s compatible with MultiStream brewing technology. The lid of the refillable pod has to have fives holes for it to work, so older models (from any brand) of refillable pods will not work.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART – An Addition to the K-Supreme Family

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart with WiFi

If you like your appliances to be ‘smart’, then you might want to consider this Smart version of the K-Supreme Plus. What’s so smart about it, you ask? It has a few features that will add to your experience of convenient coffee brewing:

  • WiFi Connected – connecting your Keurig brew over WiFi and to your phone allows you to do many things like schedule brewing in advance (you’ll have to remember to keep a K-Cup pod in your machine), manage your favorite settings and recipes, and brew remotely from anywhere.
  • Built-in Counter and Smart Auto Delivery – part of the BrewID and smart app is a built-in counter that will automatically learn which pods are your favorite and it will alert you when you are running low. You can also setup auto delivery, which can automatically order your favorite pods when you are running low.
  • Additional Strength and Temperature settings: K-Supreme Plus SMART has 5 strength settings and 6 temperature settings.
  • You can save up to 10 custom favorite settings so it’s easier for the entire family to enjoy their coffee just as they like it with a press of a button.

K-Supreme vs. K-Duo vs. K-Slim – How Does It Compare to Other Keurig Machines?

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The biggest difference here is Keurig’s new MultiStream Technology, which is not available in any of the older machines, but could be used on newer machines from now on.

With other Keurig machines, there’s only a single stream of water saturating the k-cup pod. Now, with MultiStream, there are fives streams of water.

An exception would be the K-Duo. It does not have MultiStream feature, but it’s a combo machine that does single serve and full pot coffee using ground coffee. So it’s a great and somewhat different option that your usual single serve Keurigs.

Should You Buy the K-Supreme?

If you’re a current owner of a Keurig machine, would buying the K-Supreme make any difference to you?

Well, if you’re happy with your current brewing results, then an upgrade might not make a difference. If you’re looking to noticeably improve the taste and aroma of your coffee, a K-Supreme and its MultiStream Technology would make a difference in your brew because it does saturate the coffee grounds better than the previous models. This is a technical difference that is aught to improve the quality of your brew, but I also think that some people might not notice any difference, or would not care enough about this improvement to upgrade.

Most other features are already available in other Keurig machines, so your biggest selling point here is MultiStream and whether you want to change the way the machine extracts the coffee or not.

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