If you’ve been shopping around for coffee blends to try, chances are you have come across something called ‘Breakfast Coffee Blend’ which is also sometimes referred to as ‘Morning Blend’. We’re here to answer all your questions about this blend to help you decide whether or not you should try it.

What Is Breakfast Blend?

This term is used to refer to coffee that is on the lighter side. Breakfast Blends are made of light to light-medium coffee roasts. They will vary from one brand to another, but they will never be made of dark roasted coffee.

What Does Breakfast Blend Taste Like?

While some people prefer their first cup of coffee of the day to be strong and bold, there’s the other team of people who prefer to start their day on a lighter note with a not too strong cup of coffee. Breakfast Blends are made for these people…

It is not overpowering or too bold or heavy for those early sips in the day. It is less in bitterness and blends well with milk and gives off a really balanced coffee drink.

Breakfast Blend vs. Medium Roast

It all goes down to how long the coffee beans have been roasted. Breakfast Blends are made of light roasted beans, while medium roast coffee stays on heat and roasts for a longer time.

Breakfast blend isn’t far off from Starbucks’s Blonde Roast. However, some Breakfast blends will be slightly more roasted (light-medium).

Breakfast Blend vs. House Blend

House Blend is usually a medium roast, never as light as a Breakfast blend. Taste wise, it will be slightly bolder that a breakfast blend, but not bold enough to be compared to a dark roast coffee.

House Blend is smack in the middle between the light breakfast blend and a dark roast coffee.

Breakfast Blend Caffeine Content, Is It Stronger Than Medium or Dark Roast?

What most people find fascinating is the fact that lightly roasted coffee is actually more caffeinated than medium or dark roasted coffee. The difference is not huge, but it does have more caffeine content than other coffee blends.

So yes, it is actually stronger when it comes to its caffeine content, but it is not stronger in taste. If you’re looking for a stronger taste, try a medium or dark roast. But if you actually want a higher caffeine content, go for a light roast coffee.

Popular Breakfast Blend Coffees

Breakfast Blends are available from many major brands as whole beans, ground coffee and even K-Cup pods.

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