If you’re a Keurig user but you’re not happy with the temperature of your coffee brew, you must be wondering if the temperature on a Keurig can be adjusted.

The answer here is, it depends. On what? On the model of your Keurig brewer. Some brewers do have adjustable temperature settings, while others brew at a preset temperature that cannot be changed.

Which Keurig Brewers Have Adjustable Temperatures?

If you have any of these models:

  • K-Elite
  • K-Supreme Plus
  • or K-Supreme Plus SMART

These brewers allow you to adjust the brew temperature simply by accessing the settings using the control buttons.

  • K-Elite brews between 186F and 192F
  • K-Supreme Plus has three temperature settings between 160F to 172F
  • K-Supreme Plus Smart has 6 temperature settings that range between 187 to 206 degrees.

How To Change Temperature on Keurig K-Elite

1- Press the settings button. For this button to operate correctly, make sure that no other buttons are flashing blue. If they are, just open and the lid and close it again.

2- Keep pressing the settings button until the Thermostat icon appear, which indicates temperature.

3- Using the arrows, press up or down for your desired temperature. Then press the settings button again to save it.

How To Change Temperature on Keurig K-Supreme Plus

1- Press TEMP button

2- On the display, you’ll notice a three-bar selector. Keep pressing TEMP button to select the level of temperature.

3- When done, press the K button to brew.

How To Change Temperature Settings on Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART

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the K-Supreme Plus Smart has a nice display for easier customization. But when it comes to its 6-temperature settings, it does not give you the exact temperature you are selecting, instead, it goes by names:

Warm, Warmer, Hot, Hotter, X-Hot, Max Hot.

1- Press TEMP button

2- Use the + and – signs on the TEMP button to navigate temperature selections.

3- Once selected, press the K button to start the brewing cycle.

Which Keurig Brewer Makes the Hottest Coffee?

Previous answer concludes that Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART wins the temperature wars as it can brew up to 206F.

Surprisingly, its smaller version, the K-Supreme Plus, brews at the warmest temperatures.

So, hottest to warmest Keurig brewers are:

1- K-Supreme Plus SMART (186F to 206F)

2- K-Elite (186F to 192F)

3- then K-Supreme Plus with temperature range of 160F to 172F.

What Temperature Does Keurig Brew At?

By default, Keurig brewers use hot water that has reached temperature of 192F to brew your beverage, whether it’s coffee, tea or hot cocoa. However, note that this is the internal temperature of the water and not the temperature of the dispensed beverage.

Once the coffee (or other beverage) is being poured, the machine will attain temperatures of 180 to 185F. But if you’re using any of the models mentioned above, you will be able to change this temperature.

But if you are using any other Keurig model, your machine will most likely use these temperature settings as default. (Source: Keurig.com)

Brewing Temperature of Popular Keurig Coffee Makers:

Source of this information is mostly from Keurig’s customer service or user reviews

ModelBrew Temperature (in Fahrenheit)
K-Supreme Plus SMART187 to 206
K-Elite186 to 192
K-Supreme Plus160 to 172
K-Mini and K-Mini Plus170 to 190
K-SelectAverage of 180
K-ClassicAverage of 170

How Do I Get My Coffee Hotter on my Keurig

If you have a Keurig brewer that does NOT have temperature control, unfortunately, your machine is locked to the default temperature set by the manufacturer.

However, there are a few tips you can try for a hotter cup of coffee:

Run a brew cycle: this basically means, press any brew button WITHOUT inserting a pod. This will dispense hot water, which in turn will heat up the system and run hot water through the internal parts.

Heat Up Your Mug: If you have a microwave by you, or have a water kettle, you could use them to slightly heat your mug before using it. This will not hugely affect the temperature of your drink, to be honest, but it will definitely help keep your coffee hot longer.

Ensure your brewer is not in High Altitude Mode: Some Keurig models come with High Altitude feature, which will readjust the temperature of the brew to make it more optimal to drink on high altitude areas.

Apparently, some Keurig brewers would have this feature switched on and the owner won’t even notice, so it’s worth checking out if your machine has this feature and if it’s on. Check this video for more details…

Can I Get Hot Water on My Keurig?

Generally speaking, you can always dispense hot water from a Keurig simply by pressing any brew button without inserting any pod. HOWEVER, this hot water will mostly flush out the system, and the hot water will contain coffee residue. That noted, if you want to dispense hot water to make an instant meal or brew a tea bag or something similar, you’ll want to run that brew cycle twice until you see that the water has come out clean.

Some models, like the K-Elite and K-Supreme, will have a hot water on demand as a feature. This will mean that the hot water will dispense independently and will not contain any residue.

Can You Put Hot Water in a Keurig Reservoir?

I don’t know who came up with this idea of putting hot water in a reservoir to increase the temperature of the brewed coffee. It’s a terrible idea and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Adding hot water to the reservoir will damage your machine’s plastic reservoir and mess up the internal heating elements. Also, using hot water means it will run through the internal boiler, get even hotter and brew your coffee at a really high temperature, which results in a bitter cup of coffee. This is the reason most coffee makers adjust their temperatures to a reasonable number, so your coffee doesn’t brew incredibly hot and bitter.

For best results, always use filtered water temperature water.

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