If you happened to like Keurig’s K-Cups but are not a fan of Keurig brewers, then you’ll be happy to know that you can still get your K-Cup fix using K-Cup brewers from other brands. Choosing a brand other than Keurig might give you features that Keurig doesn’t have, or even a better design that you might prefer, so it’s definitely worth it to consider looking at these brewers.

Why Choose a K-Cup Brewer from Other Brands?

You must be wondering, why should you go for a brand other than Keurig? Are Keurig brewers bad?

No, absolutely not. They are great machines, and Keurig has a wide variety of coffee makers for every need. The only reason I would think someone can go for a brand other than Keurig would be the price. Keurig brewers are more expensive than brewers from some other brands. So if you’re on a tight budget, you’re most likely to consider something other than Keurig. But I advice you to always compare prices at the time of purchase to see which brand has the best deal.

What Are The Best K-Cup Brewers From Other Brands?

[amazon box=”B08MX22M25″ description=”Mr Coffee’s machine is a dual brewer that gives you more than just a single-serve brew for a reasonable price. “]

I know you’re looking for a K-Cup brewer, why get just a single-serve brewer when you can get more for about the same price? (based on the average Keurig brewer).

Mr Coffee’s brewer is a 2 in 1 combo coffee maker that can brew K-Cup pods, single-serve cups using ground coffee or 10-cup carafe. So you pretty much get all brewing styles in a single, space saving design.

Key features of this machine are:

  • Also brew up to 10 cups of coffee in a thermal carafe (included).
  • Can accommodate travel mugs.
  • Programmable options include Strong brew, Brew later, programmable clock.
  • Includes a reusable pod filter for ground coffee.
  • Removable water reservoir with filtration.

Who Is This Machine Best For?

If you want a space saving machine that can does it all, this is a great machine to have. Instead of keeping two coffee makers, one single-serve and another full pot machine, this one combines both in a relatively small design.

It’s great for family use or a single person use. Best to use in a kitchen, or a kitchen dedicated area in an office or dorm.

[amazon box=”B08CY7BQG6″ description=”A simple no bells and whistles brewer from the brand Mueller. Small in size, fits literally anywhere, perfect for home, office or dorm use.”]

Mueller’s K-Cup brewer is an extremely simple machine that does one easy task, brew your favorite K-Cup pod. The compact machine can brew any type of K-Cup pods including refillable ones. Like many ‘mini’ sized K-Cup brewers, this machine does not have a reservoir, but instead, you’ll have to fill it up with fresh water at every brew cycle. The largest capacity it can brew is 10 oz.


  • Simple, one button operation.
  • Compact in size, can be used anywhere.
  • Compatible with any type of K-Cup pod and refillable filter pods.


  • Only brews up to 10 oz – which can be small for some users.
  • Does not fit travel mugs – can accommodate cups only up to 4″ tall.

Overall, Mueller’s K-Cup Mini Brewer is a great budget pick. It’s best used by a single-person in a home, office or dorm. Not the best choice for families.

[amazon box=”B014W1C2VM” description=”Cuisinart’s SS-10 K-Cup Brewer is one of the earliest machines to come around, and has proven to be a great machine. With over 11,000 reviews and nearly perfect score, this brewer is definitely worth considering.”]

If you’re shopping for a brewer for a larger family, or for an office use, this Cuisinart SS10 would be your perfect fit. To start, it has a generous 72 oz water reservoir, so no frequent refilling needed. It also has multiple serving sizes and customization options to choose from.

  • Pick from 5 serving sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.
  • Compatible with all K-Cup pods including refillable filters.
  • Hot water on demand for instant meals or tea preparation.
  • LCD display with a digital clock and option selectors.
  • Temperature selection.
  • Rinse option allows for quick rinse and clean between brews.

This machine includes a reusable filter cup to brew your own favorite ground coffee.

Who Should Pick The Cuisinart SS-10?

  • If you need a large water reservoir.
  • If the machine is going to be used by multiple users.
  • If you need customization options like multiple brew sizes and temperature control.

Otherwise, for less money, you can get Mr Coffee’s dual brewer or Meuller’s compact brewer.

Can I Brew Tea Using These Brewers?

Yes, absolutely. K-Cups offer many beverages other than coffee, including tea and hot chocolate. You can brew all of these using the brewers above, but I advice you to rinse between brew cycles (hit the brew button without inserting any pod) so you get rid of an residue from previous pods.

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