Keurig coffee makers brew coffee quickly. So quickly that K-Cups are usually mistaken for Instant coffee. If you’re wondering the same, rest assured that the coffee in K-Cups is real ground coffee and not Instant coffee.

Can Instant Coffee Be Used in a Keurig? Or Any Coffee Maker?

Before answering the question. Let’s understand what instant coffee is and how it’s made:

The name Instant Coffee is referred to any coffee that is prepared, well, instantly. It’s the type of coffee that melts in hot water and turns into a cup ready to drink, immediately.

Instant coffee is made from real coffee beans that have been processed in different methods to turn them into a coffee concentrate then into the granulate form they’re sold as. This type of coffee melts in hot water, leaving no coffee ground to clean. And as we all already know, it’s instantly prepared and requires no brew time.

Watch how instant coffee is made here:

So, to answer the question, can you use Instant coffee in a Keurig machine?

If you use reusable K-Cup filters with your Keurig, and you’re considering filling them up with instant coffee, then that would be a really bad idea. The instant coffee will melt as soon as the machine runs the hot water through the filter, so there’s no point in having that instant coffee in the machine in the first place. Same goes to any coffee maker.

If you’re a fan of instant coffee, then there’s no need to use any type of coffee machine to prepare it. That’s why many people prepare instant coffee to ground coffee. Because it requires no brewing time or any special type of machine.

For your Keurig machine, however, you’ll need coffee ground. It can be any brand you like, but you’ll have to make sure that it’s ground on the coarse side rather than a fine grind.

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