What Is Ninja Coffee Bar? How Is It Different Than Keurig?

Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve coffee maker, much like Keurig. However, it’s not a system that relies on pods, it uses ground coffee, instead, just like a traditional coffee maker.

But Ninja Coffee Bar is not just a single serve coffee maker. ‘Coffee Bar’ refers to the fact that it can prepare an array of coffee drinks: a full pot, a half pot, a single cup or travel mug, and specialty coffee drinks.

Let’s look at the features of Ninja Coffee Bar CF092:

  • Pod-free single serve coffee maker. Uses coffee ground only.
  • Customize your brew strength: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Speciality or Cafe Forte.
  • Brew Sizes: Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Multi-serve, Half carafe and full 10-cup carafe.
  • Built-in milk frother allows you to froth milk to make specialty coffee drinks.
  • Warming plate (with the glass carafe model) keeps coffee hot for hours.
  • Available in different models that include different accessories like double walled tumbler, glass or thermal carafe.

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What Is Cafe Forte?

This custom brew is an 8 oz of size that produces a bold and complex coffee flavor. If you prefer a strong brew, this would be your choice.

How Is Ninja Coffee System Different Than Keurig?

In this case, we will be comparing the Ninja Coffee System to Keurig 2.0 for a fair comparison. If you want o see a comparison of Keurig vs. Ninja’s single-serve coffee maker, click here.

  • Of course, the one major difference here is the fact that a Ninja Coffee System is pod-free and gives you the freedom of using your own coffee ground. While the Keurig system uses K-Cup pods mainly, with the option of using coffee ground with a reusable filter.
  • When it comes to cup sizes, although both systems use different names, they both pretty much offer the same selection of cup sizes. But, there’s a difference in brew strength customization:
    • Keurig has the option of creating a strong brew, which works by steeping the coffee ground in the K-Cup for a longer time before releasing it into the cup.
    • Ninja Coffee Bar has classic, Rich (which is strong brew), Cafe Forte which is another strong brew.

  • When it comes to specialty coffee drinks, none of these coffee systems can prepare an authentic espresso shot. However, Ninja Coffee Bar can prepare a better cup than Keurig. With a Ninja Coffee Bar, the machine can prepare a concentrated 4 oz coffee that can be combined with milk that you can froth using the built-in frother. This way, you’re getting a drink made with espresso-like coffee and fresh milk. On the other hand, Keurig’s specialty coffee drinks come packed fully in a K-Cup, which means you’re making a drink using flavored powered milk.

Making Drinks Other than Coffee:

  • With a Keurig, you can make drinks like hot chocolate or tea for example. There’s a large variety of drinks available as K-Cups.
  • Ninja Coffee Bar System is for coffee drinks only.

Included Accessories:

  • The Ninja Coffee Bar is available in a range of model numbers, each includes different accessories with it. Of course the prices on these models vary depending on the included accessories, which are: glass carafe, thermal carafe or double-wall tumbler.
  • Keurig 2.0, unfortunately, no longer includes any accessories with the machine. The only thing you’ll get is a water filtration kit. As for the carafe, you’ll have to purchase separately. You might find bundle deals from different sellers.

Which One To Buy?

Which one of these is the right choice for you will depend on what you need from your brewer:

  • If you or your family members like a variety of drinks, whether its coffee, tea or hot chocolate, then you’ll love the variety Keurig can offer you. Using K-Cups also makes the preparation of a drink much faster and mess-free.
  • If you’re only looking to make coffee drinks only, the Ninja Coffee Bar can give you more value for its price. However, the process of making a cup of pot isn’t as quick. There’s also the clean up of filters (either reusable or paper) after use. So while it’s great, it is not as convenient as using a Keurig.

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