The questions around Keurig coffee and Instant coffee are constant. We have already answered the question of whether or not K-Cups are instant coffee, and if you can use instant coffee in your Keurig.

The comparison between Keurig and Instant coffee continues with many other questions that I’ll go ahead and answer below.

If you’re still wondering, K-Cups are NOT instant coffee. They contain 100% pure coffee ground. If you want to make sure, you can go ahead and rip open a pod after you brew it, you’ll find the grounds are contained in a small paper filter inside the pod.

Can I Use Instant Coffee Inside a Refillable K-Cup Pod?

There’s no point to it. Instant coffee dissolves in hot water, why would you go through the process of filling it in a pod and brewing it through the machine? Instant coffee can be easily made by mixing it with hot water directly in a cup. Other wise, use ground coffee for your refillable K-Cup pod.

Can I Use a K-Cup Pod as Instant Coffee?

Here’s an interesting take from a feedback I once got from a reader:

If you have a K-Cup but don’t have a machine to brew it, would it work if you opened up the pod and mixed it with hot water? Or added it on top of an already brewed coffee, would it dissolve?

Since K-Cup pods contain ground coffee, then no, it will not dissolve and they cannot be brewed that way. Ground coffee needs to be filtered before drinking. Which brings us to our next question…

Can You Use K-Cup Pods Without a Machine?

For any reason, if you ever needed to brew a K-Cup pod but don’t have a machine present, what do you do? There are a few methods you can try:

If you have a french press pot: you can empty out the coffee grounds into the pod and brew it. Although K-Cup pods contain medium ground coffee, as opposed to coarse grounds needed for french press, but it’s worth a try.

If you have a Chemex or a coffee dripper: you can do the same, empty out the grounds into the paper filter and pour in the hot water.

Bottom line is, you’ll need any sort of filtration if you want to brew coffee grounds from a k-cup pod. Paper filter or permanent gold filter.

Or here’s one idea on how to do it using the K-cup as a filter

Are K-Cups Cheaper than Instant Coffee?

The price of K-Cup pods range from $0.30 and up to $0.50 and more on average, per pod. Instant Coffee is quite cheap and affordable with a range of $5 to $6 per 8 oz container.

The biggest cost difference is the machine itself and not just the ongoing pod costs. Using instant coffee is certainly the cheaper choice here.

Is Keurig Coffee Better than Instant Coffee?

Keurig, being ground coffee, is definitely better than instant coffee and richer in taste. Ground coffee keeps all its natural oils when brewed, which gives it a fuller and bolder taste. Instant coffee, which is basically brewed coffee that has been dried out and crystalized, pretty much loses much of its oils in the process.

Is Keurig Coffee Bad for You?

The health concerns around Keurig comes from the fact that the pods are made of plastic and they come in contact with hot water.

Keurig pods are actually made of plastic, but they are BPA free, which is the safest type of plastic to use. However, if you’re not a fan of plastic-made pods, then Keurig is definitely not for you.

A machine like Nespresso Vertuo uses aluminum capsules that are both safe and recyclable, can be a better fit for you.

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