Is Keurig’s K-Cups Just Instant Coffee Or Brewed Coffee?

Before we get into what’s inside a K-Cup, let’s define what Instant Coffee is:

You’ve probably seen instant coffee or tried it before. You scoop a spoonful of coffee into a mug, add hot water and the coffee dissolved in the water. This type of coffee is actually made from brew coffee that has been crystalized and dried. And that’s why it melts into the water

A Keurig Brewer can brew you a quick of coffee in under a minute. That’s a quick cup of coffee, but it is certainly not instant.

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A K-Cup pod is filled with ground coffee, much like the ground coffee you use in a traditional coffee maker. A Keurig brewer forces hot water through the pod and it starts steeping and brewing the coffee ground, soon you’ll see that delicious coffee come out into your cup.

What we’re saying here is, Keurig’s K-Cups are not filled with instant coffee. It is definitely brewed coffee. And just to make sure, open up a used K-Cup and you’ll find that it still has the ground coffee in it.

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