What Is Senseo Coffee Maker?

Senseo has been available for a long time in Europe, where people are really fussy about their coffee! And it’s the first pick for a single-serve coffee maker at home because of the great quality of coffee it produces that meets the European standard.

Senseo is a single-serve coffee maker by Philips. It can brew a single cup (4 oz) or two cups at the same time. Alternatively, you can brew two cups into a single mug (8 oz) for a stronger and larger cup of coffee.

Like many single-serve coffee makers, Senseo is a push-button operation. You can select from a single or double cups. You can also select your intensity by brewing a short cup or a long cup.

How Does Senseo Coffee Maker Work?

Using a Senseo requires no hard work on your part. All you have to do is insert a coffee pod and select your cup size. It includes two pod holders, you can use one if you want to brew a single cup, or both holders to brew two pods at the same time, which can be brewed into two 4 oz cups or one 8 oz mug.

Upon size selection, the machine will do its work. It pumps the right amount of water for your selected cup size to deliver perfectly measured and balanced cup of coffee.

What Kind of Pods Does Senseo Use?

This is a major breaking point when it comes to picking a single-serve coffee maker. Since each single serve machine uses it’s own type of pods and capsules, it’s quite a commitment!

Senseo, though, does not use special kind of pods that have been engineered just for it. In fact, it uses soft coffee pods (the flat puck type) which have been around for the longest time. These pods are available from Senseo brand, which is produced by Douwe Egberts, or from other brands like Melitta, Folgers and more.

These pods contain nothing but ground coffee, no sugar or additives. So all you’re getting is a fresh cup of coffee. It’s available in different roasts and intensities.

Senseo Coffee Maker Comparisons:

Keurig vs. Senseo Coffee Maker:

Keurig is more than just a single-serve coffee maker. It’s actually a beverage center that can make coffee, tea, hot chocolate and even iced drinks (depending on the model). Also, Keurig has more cup options that can go up to 14 oz cups or 32 oz carafe. That makes Keurig a lot more versatile than Senseo. But although Senseo is kind of limited in what it does, it’s known to produce a stronger cup of coffee than Keurig.

When it comes to pods, Keurig uses K-Cup pods, which are available in the widest range and variety, coming from hundreds of brands. This is where Keurig truly wins. Whether you choose a Keurig Classic or Keurig 2.0, you’ll get versatility at its best.

Read our post about Keurig machines here.

Nespresso vs. Senseo Coffee Maker:

Nespresso carries two type of coffee makers:

  • Nespresso OriginalLine, which brews espresso only, some with integrated milk frothers will make espresso based coffee drinks (lattes, cappuccinos)
  • Nespresso VertuoLine, which makes espresso as well as coffee.

Either line, Nespresso is entirely different than what Senseo is. Nespresso makes the best choice for someone who wants to make espresso or espresso based drinks like cappuccino, latte or macchiato, that’s when you include a frother with it. Senseo, on the other hand, is a coffee maker. Although you might find some Cappuccino pods for Senseo, they’re not nearly as authentic, since you’ll be using coffee and packed powdered milk to make it. As with Nespresso, you’ll make your drinks using fresh frothed milk and a fresh shot of espresso.

Nespresso machines use capsules exclusive to their system. The OriginalLine machines have some compatible capsules from other brands, but VertuoLine capsules are still exclusive to Nespresso.

Are There Refillable Senseo Pods?

Yes, you should find some refillable pod options for Senseo that you can fill with your own choice of coffee ground. However, it’s not recommended that you use them. Or, if you choose to use them, keep in mind that it’s going to be a hassle until you find the right coffee consistency and amount to produce a good cup of coffee. That’s why we recommend using official coffee pods, they’re perfectly measured to make you the best cup.

Should I Buy Senseo Coffee Maker?

Senseo is a great machine for brewing soft pod coffee. And it produces a nice and strong cup of coffee. However, it’s lack of versatility makes the machine overpriced* for what it is. (*as of the time of writing this post, at least!)

If you want to brew soft pod coffee, which is one of the most convenient way to make a single cup, there are other machines that do the same job for less of Senseo’s price. For example, we would highly recommend BUNN’s MCU My Cafe, which for less than Senseo’s price, it will brew a soft pod, K-cup, ground coffee and tea (bags or loose).

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