If you’re the type of person whose hectic mornings don’t allow you to sit and sip your coffee, you most likely have your coffee on the go. Single-serve coffee makers have been a major convenience for anyone who does not have the time. A simple press of a button and your coffee is ready in your cup in under a minute.

A drawback to some single-serve coffee makers is that they were too small to accommodate taller cups or travel mugs. So you had to brew your coffee in a cup and then transfer it to your taller cup.

In this post, I will be listing the top rated single-serve coffee makers that solve this issue. These coffee makers were designed especially to accommodate travel mugs up to 7″ tall, but can also be used with regular mugs. And whether you want to use K-Cup pods or ground coffee, the choice is totally up to you!

Hamilton Beach 49979 FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker Compatible with Pod Packs and Grounds,0.41 liters, Black & Chrome
  • SINGLE-SERVE COFFEE MAKER WITH OR WITHOUT K-Cup* pods. Brew up to 10 oz. with a Keurig* K-Cup* pod, or up to a 14 oz. travel mug with grounds. pod holder and grounds basket are included.Filter type:Reusable
  • JUST LOWER LID AND BREW. Whether it’s a single-serve pod or your own fresh grounds, just place them in the holder,lower the lid and press brew. The coffee maker automatically shuts off when brewing is complete.
  • PERSONAL COFFEE MAKER. The FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker is the perfect gift for college students, small kitchens,the office or anyone who prefers to have a fresh cup of coffee each time they brew.
  • FITS A VARIETY OF MUGS. Use the adjustable cup rest to not only fit your favorite mug in just right, but to also store the single-serve pod holder or the brew basket.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. The pod-piercing needle removes for easy cleaning to prevent clogging that can sometimes occur with frequent use.

Let’s start with the most popular one out of the bunch, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew. This machines includes two filter baskets, one for ground coffee and another one for using K-Cup pods. It works like any other coffee maker, fill it up with water, fill the filter basket with coffee or use your favorite K-Cup pod, and hit the brew button.

You have two options to choose from, either a regular brew or a bold brew. Bold will give you stronger tasting coffee, but it will take a little bit longer to brew since it steeps the coffee longer.

When it comes to serving sizes, the largest serving size for a K-Cup pod is 10 oz, and 14 oz when using ground coffee. The smallest serving size you can brew is 6 oz.

If you’re going to brew into a travel mug directly, you’ll be able to fit one that is 8″ tall at most. When brewing into a regular mug, you can use the drip tray to raise up the mug higher and avoid splashing when brewing.

Can I Brew Anything Else Other than Coffee Using the FlexBrew?

Since this machine has a K-Cup pod adapter, then yes, you can basically brew anything that comes in a K-Cup pod. I would suggest that you rinse the machine between each brew (hit the brew button without inserting a k-Cup so it runs hot water) to clean any residue. As for using the basket filter, you can only use coffee ground with that.

Can I Use Paper Filters instead of the Permanent Filter?

Yes, you can. Paper filters size #1 should fit.

Does FlexBrew Include a Travel Mug?

No, it does not.

Chefman InstaCoffee Max, The Easiest Way to Brew the Boldest Single-Serve Coffee, Use Fresh And Flavorful Grounds or K-Cups With A Convenient Built-In Lift, Black/Stainless Steel
  • MORNING COFFEE MADE EASY: It’s time to take your brew to new heights. Easily adjust the lift to your mug height, sized up to 16-ounces, to bring you one step closer to smooth and mouthwatering morning sips.
  • 30 SECONDS FROM BUTTON TO BREW: The absolute fastest way to brew your morning beverage has been achieved. This sleek and speedy brewer instantly makes 6 to 14-ounces of strong, robust coffee in under a minute. Crystal-clear watermarks and seamless one-touch control make it a no-brainer to skip the trip to your local barista.
  • PIECE-OF-CAKE CLEANUP: Looking for an easier-than-ever cleanup. This coffee machine was made for you. This brewer boasts a seamless start-to-finish experience with a self-cleaning function to prevent any mineral buildup. After you’re through with your brew, wipe down the exterior of InstaCoffee Max with a damp cloth and continue on with your day.
  • RESOURCES: cETL approved with advanced safety technology for long lasting durability, & 1-year warranty by Chefman, so you can purchase worry-free - we've got your back. 120 Volts/950 Watts –RJ14-IC-L-BLACK
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew.

Chefman’s InstaCoffee coffee maker is another great choice for a single-serve machine that can brew both ground coffee and K-Cup pods. It can accommodate regular cups and most 14oz travel mugs.

The machine has a single button on it, brewing a cup of coffee is as easy as pressing that brew button. It does not have a ‘Bold’ brew button, so if this is something you’d prefer, then go for the FlexBrew instead.

One thing you’ll notice is the slim design of the InstaCoffee machine. It’ll take very little space wherever you decide to place it, either in a kitchen countertop, the office, or a dorm room.

Does Chefman InstaCoffee Include a Travel Mug?

No, it does not.

Can I Use any K-Cup Pod?

Yes, that includes coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Black+Decker Single-serve Coffeemaker, One Size
a no-pod solution for anyone who wants ground coffee brewing only. This brewer using ground coffee and it even includes an insulated travel mug.

Black and Decker’s single serve coffee maker is a great choice if you do not need a machine that uses K-Cup pods in addition to ground coffee. This one only brews ground coffee using the included basket filter. It also includes a 16 oz insulated travel mug that will keep your coffee hot for a while.

You can also brew into a regular mug. However, the machine does not have a drip tray that will raise up the mug, so you should expect some splashing when the coffee pours out. Your safest bet is to use a taller mug.

Can I Brew Anything Else Other than Coffee?

Since this machine does not accommodate K-Cup pods, then no you can’t really brew anything else other than coffee. If you want to keep your options open when it comes to the beverages you can brew, then go for a machine that is compatible with pods like the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew or Chefman’s.

Can I Use a Paper Filter?

Yes, although not necessary, but if you want, go for a #1 size.