What Is an On-Demand Coffee Maker?

As you know, a drip coffee maker consists of the appliance itself and the coffee carafe, which holds the coffee and keeps it warm. An On demand Coffee Maker, also referred to by some people as a Coffee maker without a carafe, uses an internal tank to hold the coffee brew instead of your usual carafe. The coffee is brewed and kept hot inside the machine, and it can be dispensed on demand.

Why Choose an On Demand Coffee Maker?

So the question is, why would anyone pick an on demand coffee maker instead of a coffee maker with a carafe?

On Demand coffee makers are preferred for their internal storage that keeps the coffee hot and fresh longer than any coffee pot can. Some models can keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours, which is longer than the average 2 hours for a glass pot and a hot plate. But it’s not just that on demand coffee makers keep the coffee hot longer, it also tastes just a fresh as the first cup.

Best On Demand Coffee Makers:

While there are not many on-demand coffee makers available on the market, there are two brands that have created the best ones: Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart. Let’s have a look at their most popular models:

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47900:

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This is by far the most popular pick for an on demand coffee maker. Hamilton Beach’s BrewStation works and brews like your tradition drip coffee maker:

It has 12-cup capacity, it has programmability options for auto start, digital clock, it even has an option for iced coffee.

The difference is instead of having the coffee brew into a pot, it will be stored internally. It will keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours while maintaining freshness.

On the right, you’ll find a removable water reservoir with a window that allows you to see the level of water. On the left, there’s another small window to indicate the amount of coffee available. Dispensing a cup is as easy as pressing the dispenser bar.

Brew options available: regular, bold, iced coffee, small batch (less than 12 cups).

How Do You Clean the Hamilton Beach BrewStation?

Cleaning and maintaining the machine is quite easy. The internal tank is fully removable so it can be taken out of the machine and moved to the sink for a thorough rinse and wash.

Additional Hamilton Beach BrewStation Models:

BrewStation 48464:

This model does not have the same removable water reservoir as the 47900 model. To fill the machine with water, you will have to take out the internal tank, fill up the machine then put it back in. Other than this, it has the same features as the 47900.

BrewStation 47950:

This one is exactly the same as the 47900 except for some additional stainless steel accents.

Cuisinart DCC-3000 On-Demand Coffee Maker:

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Like the Hamilton Beach BrewStation, this on demand coffee maker by Cuisinart holds up to 12-cups of coffee in its internal storage.

The Cuisinart has a removable water reservoir, and it’s nice that Cuisinart includes a charcoal filter with it to remove any impurities or odors from the water. If you’re using filtered water, then this is not something to worry about.

The machines is programmable, with auto on/off features. You can choose to brew the full 12-cup capacity or 1-4 cups as a minimum.

On the panel on the machine, you’ll notice there’s a gauge that shows you how much coffee is available inside the machine.

The Cuisinart does not have brew options (strength control), so if that’s something important to you, go for the Hamilton Beach BrewStation instead.

How To Clean Cuisinart On Demand Coffee Maker?

The machine has removable parts so it’s super easy to clean. You can remove the water filter, the coffee storage and the coffee filter to be cleaned and put them back in place after cleaning with no trouble.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation vs. Cuisinart DCC-3000, Which Do You Buy?

These two on-demand coffee makers are pretty similar when it comes to features:

Both have the same 12-cup capacity, programmability and 1-4 cup brew options.

There are two things to consider:

  • Hamilton Beach BrewStation has brew options like regular, bold or iced coffee which adjusts the coffee strength and volume so it doesn’t taste watered down when mixed with ice. It does NOT include water filter, if that’s something you need.
  • On the other hand, the Cuisinart includes a charcoal water filter. But it does not have brew strength options.

Is There an On-Demand Coffee Maker with Built-in Grinder?

As of the time of writing, I cannot find any on-demand coffee maker that has a built-in grinder. If you need a coffee grinder to go with your on-demand coffee machine, here are a few to consider:

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This is a great entry-level conical burr grinder by Bodum that offers a variety of grind settings. It does 12 adjustable grind settings, perfect for most your brewing needs but works best for drip coffee makers and french press. Available in three colors.

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Capresso’s conical burr grinder has 16 grind settings, from extra fine to coarse. But it’s most consistent when used for medium to coarse grind, which is perfect for drip coffee, either manual brewing or automatic machine brewing.

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This conical burr grinder by OXO has 15 grind settings, plus micro settings ( two steps between each grind number). This allows you to fine-tune your grind to adjust flavor even further.

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