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If you’re an owner of a Nespresso Vertuo Next and it’s time to troubleshoot your beloved machine, I have created this guide that should answer most of your questions and hopefully get you through the process of descaling, cleaning or resetting your machine.

How To Descale a Nespresso Vertuo Next

If you notice that your machine has been acting up, the coffee tastes more bitter than usual or it’s not as hot as it used to be, that usually means it’s time to descale it.

Descaling a coffee maker basically means you’re cleaning out the internal parts of it. It removes any mineral buildup and prevents lime scale. The descaling process takes about 20 to 30 minutes start to finish.

What You Need To Descale Your Nespresso

Before you start the process of descaling your machine, you’ll need a descaling solution from Nespresso. The descaling kit contains two sachets of liquid descaling solution (you only need one for each descaling process). If you can’t get your hands on this kit, any coffee machine descaling solution should work okay, but your best choice would be Nespresso’s.

You’ll also need a container with at least 34 oz capacity to collect the dispensed water/solution.

Please note that once you’ve started the descaling process, it cannot be paused or interrupted.

Kindly watch the following step-by-step video to see how the descaling process works…

If you want a step-by-step written guide, here’s Vertuo Next Descaling Instructions in PDF Format from Nespresso – Click here.

How To Exit Descaling Mode on the Vertuo Next

If you’re asking how to exist descaling mode after you’re finished with the process, there’s no need to do that yourself. The machine will automatically exist the descale mode after the process is complete.

Otherwise, it is not recommended that you stop the descaling mid process, because it cannot be resumed and if you do interrupt it, the machine will still continue to blink to prompt you to descale.

That said, if for any reason you need to stop the descaling process, you can do so by turning the machine off. To do that, push down the button for 3 seconds. If that didn’t work, continue to press for at least 7 seconds until the machine has turned off.

Let the machine cool down for at least 20 minutes before turning it on again.

If Your Vertuo Next Is Stuck in Descaling Mode, or is Still Flashing Orange after Descaling…

Sometimes you’ll find that your machine is still flashing the descale indicator even though you just completed the process. You can try two solutions here:

  • First, try turning the machine off by hard pressing the button until the light goes off. Wait a few minutes then turn it back on again. Usually, this takes care of the issue.
  • If that didn’t work, you’ll have to reset the machine to factory settings. Find the instructions to do that below.

Can I Descale My Nespresso with Vinegar?

Many people choose to use vinegar mixed with water as a natural solution to descale their coffee makers. Technically, it could work, but I myself wouldn’t do that to my Nespresso machines nor would I recommend it.

If you choose to do it, one of the most important things to know is that Nespresso would no longer honor a warranty claim if you’ve ever followed the ‘vinegar’ method. Vinegar can eventually ruin the internal parts of your machine and there’s a good chance that after you’re done with the process, your machine will still flash red indicating it needs to be descaled. It’s not worth it, if you ask me!

I understand that getting the Nespresso Descaling Kit can be a hassle, but it’s worth it for the longevity of your machine. It’s about $9 on the Nespresso website. So I’d recommend you throw one in your next order of pods and keep it until you need it.

How Often Should I Descale my Nespresso Machine?

This goes for any Nespresso Vertuo or OriginalLine machine and not just the Next model. It is recommended that you descale your machine every 6 months or after 600 capsule use.

Most Nespresso machines have an indicator that lights up when it’s time to descale. However, the beauty of the WiFi connected Next model is that it will also notify you through the app on your phone that it’s time to descale your machine.

Can I Descale My Nespresso with Water Only?

No, starting the descaling process with plain water in the tank will do nothing to your machine. The internal part might get a good rinse, but you won’t get rid of any of the actual things that can cause problems such as limescale.

Why Is My Nespresso Vertuo Next Blinking (Orange, White) Light? [Nespresso Indicator Guide]

Light indicators will notify you of any possible problems with your Nespresso Next. There are two things to pay attention to:

  • The color of the light: orange or white
  • How often it blinks: if it’s steady, pulsing, blinking rapidly and so on…

Here’s a summary of the light indicators of Nespresso Next and what they mean:

Orange light is used to indicate problems, while White is operational light indicator.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Orange Light Indicator Meaning

blinks 2 times per secondClean the machineRefer to cleaning method below
Blinks 3 times per secondDescale process is on
Pulsing on then offMachine is cooling down after overheatingLet the machine cool until the light is steady white again
blinks then goes OFFError with inserted capsule/brew head not locked/empty water tankCheck if the capsule has been inserted correctly or is damaged/ properly lock the brew head/check water tank.
Blinking 5 times in 10 secondsFactory Reset Requiredcheck below for reset method
Orange and white light alternatingDescale alert – time to descale

Nespresso Vertuo Next White Light Indicator Meaning

SteadyMachine Ready to use
Blinking on/offCoffee being prepared
Pulsing on and offMachine heating upWait until it’s steady white to use
Blinking Twice per secondSoftware update

How To Clean a Nespresso Vertuo Next

Cleaning a Nespresso machine is not the same as descaling. Cleaning requires water only, and it’s used to flush out any coffee residue and maintains the cleanliness of the machine more often than a descale.

The Vertuo Next has a cleaning mode that you can easily start, you’ll only need a container to catch the dispensed water:

  • Rinse out the water tank and lid, fill it with fresh water and put it back in its place.
  • Place a container (with at least 1 L (34 oz) capacity) under the coffee spout.
  • Open the machine head, make sure there’s no capsule in place. Close it again and put it in LOCKED position.
  • Make sure that the light is steady white, which means it’s in Ready mode. Now, press the brew button 3 times within 2 seconds… the button will start to rapidly blink for a full 2 minutes then water flow will start.

Now the machine has started the cleaning procedure. It will take about 7 minutes to fully clean the machine and will automatically stop when it has finished.

Unlike the Descaling procedure, Cleaning can be stopped at any time you like by simply pressing the button. It is recommended though that you allow it to fully complete before you start using the machine again.

How To Factory Reset Nespresso Vertuo Next

If you’ve ever needed to reset your Vertuo Next to factory settings, it’s a simple three step process:

  • Open the machine’s head. Make sure there’s no capsule inserted.
  • Close the head, but leave the handle in UNLOCKED position.
  • Push the button 5 times within 3 seconds. The button will blink orange 5 times then turn to steady white.

That’s it! Your machine has now been reset.

How To Turn Off Vertuo Next

You don’t have to turn the machine off after using it, as it will do that on its own. It has an energy-saving feature and will turn itself off after few minutes of no-use.

If you need to turn it off immediately, all you have to do is press and hold the brew button until the light goes off. Do make sure that there’s no capsule inserted before you do that.

How to Change the Cup Size on a Nespresso Vertuo Next

One of the great things about Nespresso’s Vertuo machines, Next or others, is that it’s a one button machine. If you’re an new user and wondering how the cup sizes can be changed, you’ll be happy to know that the Vertuo does it automatically.

Vertuo machines are equipped with a laser that reads the barcode on each espresso or coffee capsule, located on the rim of each capsule. When you insert a capsule of any size, and press the brew button, the machine will automatically read and adjust to each type of capsule you’re brewing. And it’s not just cup size, it also automatically changes few parameters like temperature to give you the best result for each coffee blend.

Vertuo machines don’t allow you to readjust the brew volume like OriginalLine machines do, however, you can stop the brewing cycle mid-brew by pressing the button.

How To Get Hot Water from Nespresso Vertuo Next

Before owning a Vertuo machine, I used an OriginalLine Essenza Mini exclusively. I used to press the espresso size without inserting a pod to get hot water that I would use to heat up my cup and flush out the machine. It was quick and easy.

Unfortunately, it is not this easy with any Vertuo machine, and not just Next. Vertuo machines do not operate without a capsule inserted in place. So you can’t just press the button without inserting a pod to get a shot of hot water… not possible.

The only workaround for this is to start a cleaning cycle, which takes a bit of a time. Once you got the amount of water you need, stop the cycle.

Is There Refillable Pods for Nespresso Vertuo Next?

There are some 3rd party refillable pods to use with Vertuo machines. However, they are not something I recommend or would personally use. Also, they tend to work with older Vertuo machines, but not Vertuo Next.

I personally believe that refillable pods, while they do save you money, take away from the Nespresso experience. To start, Vertuo machines have 6 serving sizes, a refillable pod will be programmed to do one size only. Filling up the pod, tamping, and sealing before each use, and then cleaning it after is a total hassle that you did not sign up for when you opted for a Nespresso.

Using a Nespresso machine is a convenient and hassle-free operation. You insert a pod that has been carefully measured for you, press a button and enjoy your coffee!

Another important thing is that if a reusable pod breaks your machine, your warranty will not be honored.

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