If you’ve been researching Nespresso machines, OriginalLine or Vertuo, then you have probably come across their serving sizes.

Here’s a quick recap before we get to what those sizes are:

  • OriginalLine machines (like Pixie, CitiZ, Essenza…) have two serving sizes: Espresso and Lungo. Few older machines will have a third Ristretto size, which is even smaller than Espresso.
  • Vertuo machines on the other hand do 5 serving sizes: Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug and Alto (travel mug).

What Is Nespresso Espresso?

In a Nespresso machine, Espresso is the smallest serving size of 40 ml or 1.35 oz. If you like short and concentrated coffees, you’ll enjoy a shot of espresso on its own. Otherwise, an espresso shot is the basis of pretty much every coffee drink like Cappuccino, Latte or Macchiato. So you can use it to create your favorite coffee recipes.

What Is Nespresso Lungo?

Lungo is the second serving size on a Nespresso OriginalLine and it is 110 ml or 3.7 oz in capacity. It is pretty much a longer shot of espresso, so it is less concentrated and slightly lighter in taste compared to the strong tasting espresso.

What Is Nespresso Gran Lungo?

This is the 3rd serving size on a Nespresso Vertuo and it’s a volume of 150 ml or 5 oz of coffee. Nespresso refers to it as the ‘Extended Pleasure of Espresso’ – so if you happened to enjoy a strong coffee, but don’t like that espresso is pretty much a two-sip type of drink, you’ll enjoy this serving size. It’s strong, yet balanced and not as concentrated as a shot of espresso.

Is Gran Lungo the Same as Double Espresso?

No, Vertuo’s Gran Lungo is longer than a Double Espresso. Gran Lungo is a size that falls between an espresso or double espresso and a long cup of coffee (7.7 oz). If you don’t want something that short, but don’t quite want a full cup of coffee, Gran Lungo 5 oz is the right serving size for you.

Double Espresso is literally that. Espresso is 40 ml (1.35 oz) and Double Espresso is 80 ml of coffee (2.7 oz).

Do Vertuo Machines Have Lungo Serving Size?

No, Vertuo machines offer something different: Espresso 40ml / 1.3 oz, Double Espresso 80ml/ 2.7 oz and then Gran Lungo which is 150 ml/ 5 oz . Then of course there’s the larger serving sizes like Mug 230 ml/ 7.7 oz and Alto 414 ml/ 14 oz.

Does Gran Lungo Have More Caffeine than Lungo or Espresso?

Caffeine content will of each capsule will depend on the blend and intensity of the coffee.

Some capsules are pure Arabica grounds, while others have a mix of Arabica and Robusta grounds. Robusta is naturally higher in caffeine and is more robust, so having it in the coffee blend will increase the amount of caffeine in it.

According to Nespresso, all their Espresso ranges, which includes OriginalLine and Vertuo Espresso, lungo, double espresso and gran lungo are within the range of 50 to 100 mg to caffeine. Except for Vertuo’s Diavolitto which contains 150 mg of caffeine and Original Kazaar and Ristretto Intenso which contain 120 mg of caffeine, and that’s due to having Robusta content.

Source: Nespresso FAQ

Nespresso Vertuo Gran Lungo Pods

Limited Edition Capsules will not be included in the list…

Pod NameIntensity
Fortado Decaf8
Ethiopia 4
Costa Rica7

Nespresso OriginalLine Lungo Pods

Pod NameIntensity
Stockholm Fortissio Lungo8
Tokyo Vivalto Lungo6
Vienna Linizio Lungo6
Shanghai Lungo5

Buenos Aires Lungo
Cape Town Envivo Lungo3

How To Prepare a Nespresso Lungo or Gran Lungo?

It’s a pretty straight forward and works just like brewing any other pod…

  • In a Nespresso OriginalLine, insert your favorite Lungo capsule and press the lungo button.
  • In a Nespresso Vertuo, insert the Gran Lungo capsule and press the button. The machine will automatically recognize the pod and brew accordingly.

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