Pixie is one of the earliest machines created by Nespresso, it is part of their OriginalLine machines that make espresso using the original capsules design.

The first thing people notice about the Pixie is its beautiful design and hefty materials. This is definitely not a ‘plasticy’ machine. It has a sold aluminum handle as well as aluminum side panels. It also has a nice backlit drawer that gives it a nice look.

Features of the Nespresso Pixie:

  • Compact and premium design. Metal handle and side panels.
  • 24 oz water reservoir.
  • Backlights along the sides of the machine change color to alert you of an empty water tank.
  • Two reprogrammable espresso and lungo buttons.
  • Compatible with OriginalLine capsules, including 3rd party capsules.

Has The Pixie Been Discontinued by Nespresso?

Pixie is still sold on Nespresso’s website/boutiques and well as other Nespresso sellers. So it is safe to say that the Pixie is still going strong and has NOT been discontinued.

Even if it was, you’ll continue to receive support from Nespresso whenever you need it.

Is Pixie Still Made in Switzerland? (As of 2022)

One of the things that make the Pixie special is the fact that it is one of the very few machines not made in China. In fact, it is made in Switzerland, homeland of Nespresso. And yes, this remains to be the manufacturing place of the Pixie is you buy the machine from Nespresso or Nespresso store on Amazon. What does that mean? Move on to the next question…

Pixie by DeLonghi or Breville, Are They The Same?

DeLonghi (Italian brand) and Breville (Australian brand) are two of the brands licensed to make and sell Nespresso machine, whether it’s the Pixie or other machines.

That’s why you’ll probably notice some Pixie machines branded with the names Breville or DeLonghi, with slight aesthetic differences.

Functionality wise, they work %100 the same way as Nespresso’s machines. No differences there. However, when it comes to where the machines are made, they are not guaranteed to be made in Switzerland. Breville and DeLonghi manufacture all over, from across Europe to China, so unfortunately, you can’t guarantee where the machine will be made. However, you are guaranteed the same premium quality, functionality and you’ll receive the same Nespresso warranty/support whether you buy your machine from Nespresso, Breville or DeLonghi.

How Does Nespresso Pixie Compare to Other Nespresso Machines?

Pixie is an OriginalLine machine, so it goes head to head with machines like CitiZ or Essenza Mini.

All Original Line machines work the same way. They are espresso machines with reprogrammable sizes. They can either be purchased as stand alone machines with bundled with an Aeroccino milk frother to create milk based coffee drinks. And they are compatible with originalline capsules, including ones from 3rd party brands.

The differences are mainly in design features like the materials, size, water reservoir capacity and so on. Their prices on vary based on those features.

If you’re looking to make larger coffee cups, the don’t buy an OriginalLine machine. Go for a Vertuo machine instead, which can brew cup sizes up to 14 oz.

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