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Best Combo Espresso and Coffee Makers To Buy

If you sometimes enjoy a nice pot of drip coffee, but other times you want to relax to a luscious cup of latte or cappuccino, having a machine that does them both would be a great convenience to you. As we all know, espresso and coffee are totally different brews. Espresso, this rich shot of […]

Best On Demand Coffee Makers (Without Carafe)

What Is an On-Demand Coffee Maker? As you know, a drip coffee maker consists of the appliance itself and the coffee carafe, which holds the coffee and keeps it warm. An On demand Coffee Maker, also referred to by some people as a Coffee maker without a carafe, uses an internal tank to hold the […]

Best Coffee Makers with Hot Water Dispenser

Why Buy a Coffee Maker with Hot Water Dispenser? One of the great benefits of having a coffee maker with a built-in hot water dispenser is having hot water available on demand. No need to wait for the kettle to boil. You can use the hot water to make anything else, tea or instant meals. […]

Keurig K-Supreme Review and Comparisons

The Keurig Single Serve coffee makers family keeps growing to provide you with the best coffee experience possible. After the successful release of Keurig’s K-Duo line, now comes a newer edition that goes by the name K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus. First thing you’ll notice about the K-Supreme, is that it looks identical to other Keurig […]