Keurig K-Elite vs. K-Select – Which Do You Buy?

I talked about the Keurig K-Select model in a previous post and mentioned that it was a direct competitor to the Keurig K55 (K-Classic). The K-Elite is another model was released around the same time as the K-Select. The shiny and sleek design catches your eye right away, but that’s not all there is to it. The K-Elite is a step up from both K-Select and K-Classic, just keep on reading to find out how they’re different…

Features of Keurig K-Elite K-Cup Brewer:

  • Compatible with all K-Cup pods: branded, non-branded and refillable pods.
  • Brews five cup sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz.
  • Strong Brew option for increasing the strength of your coffee brew.
  • Iced Setting: brew over ice without losing the full flavor of your coffee.
  • Programmable settings: auto on/off, clock, temperature control and high altitude settings.
  • How Water on Demand: hot water always ready for instant meals or soups.
  • Water reservoir capacity: 75 oz.
  • Easy to use control buttons with small display for programming/displaying clock.
  • Premium brushed finish with metal accents gives the machine a more modern look.

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K-Elite K vs. K-Elite C, Is There a Difference?

You might find the K-Elite available under two names, K-Elite K or K-Elite C. There is no actual difference in the machine itself, but what’s bundled with it:

  • The K-Elite K includes a pack of 6 K-Cup pods, a water filter hand and a water filter cartridge.
  • K-Elite C includes: 15 K-Cup pods, My K-Cup refillable filter, water filter handle and one water filter cartridge.

Video Review of the K-Elite:

Keurig K-Elite Pod Compatibility:

K-Elite model, like the K-Select and K-Classic, allows you to brew any type of K-Cup pod, including refillable pods. However, it’s not compatible with pods made for Keurig 2.0 that are labeled K-Mug or K-Carafe, since those are bigger and designed differently.

How Is K-Elite Different Than Other Keurig Brewers?

K-Elite vs. Keurig K575:

  • K575 is a Keurig 2.0 brewer, so it’s in a different category than the K-Elite.
  • Keurig 2.0 machines are designed to brew single cups, mugs and carafe sizes.
  • They use branded K-Cup pods as well as refillable pods.
  • Available pods for Keurig K575: K-Cup, K-Mug and K-Carafe.
  • Serving sizes vary from 6 oz to 16 oz for a cup/mug, and 30 oz for a carafe.
  • K575 uses a colored touchscreen for controls. You can use the screen to adjust size, strength and temperature of your drink.
  • K575 has a large 80 oz water reservoir.

Which do you choose?

  • The Keurig K575 is for anyone who wants to brew a single cup or a full carafe. The fact that it can only brew branded K-Cups can limit your options, but you can still use My K-Cup refillable filter (also available from other brands).
  • If you don’t need to brew a full carafe, the K-Elite should be enough. It has many of K575’s best features (strong brew, temperature control, hot water on demand), yet, it still only brews single-serve cups. And the best part is that it’s compatible with all available K-Cup pods.

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K-Elite vs. K-Select:

The K-Select, like the K-Elite, has some really good features, but it lacks the ‘next-level’ features that the K-Elite packs:

  • For serving sizes: K-Elite has five cup sizes (4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz) while K-Select has four (6, 8, 10 and 12 oz).
  • Both models have Strong Brew option for increasing the strength of your drink.
  • Temperature control is only available in K-Elite, and it allows you to brew between 187-192 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Iced setting is only available in K-Elite, too. You can still brew over ice using all Keurig brewers, of course. But the idea behind the Iced setting is that is brews a more concentrated drink so when the ice starts melting, your drink does not taste watered down.
  • Programmability is a feature of K-Elite that the K-Select does not have. Using the clock on the K-Elite, you can set it to go on or off at a certain time. The K-Select has auto off option only, which is an energy saving feature.
  • The water reservoir on the K-Elite is 75 oz and 52 oz on the K-Select.

Which do you choose?

If temperature control and auto on are important to you, then it’ll make sense to go for the K-Elite. If you’re not fussy about the exact temperature of your coffee and don’t need the extra programmability, the K-Select is a great option.

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K-Elite vs. K55:

K55 (K-Classic) is quite comparable to the K-Select. So, what you read in the previous comparison applies here. The K-Classic still lacks some of the K-Select features though:

  • It only has three serving sizes: 6, 8 and 10 oz.
  • It does not have the Strong Brew option.

The K-Elite is quite a step-up from both the K-Select and K-Elite. But when you choose between them, it always comes down to what you need in a brewer.

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K-Elite vs. Ninja Coffee Bar System:

The Ninja Coffee Bar is an entirely different system than Keurig K-Elite (than all Keurig machines, really). Ninja’s Coffee Bar is available as a single serve or a carafe system, but what sets it apart is that it’s more like a traditional coffee maker, in the sense that it only uses coffee ground to make coffee (no pods, whatsoever). Also, it only makes coffee, unlike a Keurig, which can make a lot of other drinks, too.

If the Ninja Coffee Bar is of interest to you, then you can read our full guide on it here.

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