iCoffee Davinci vs. Express, What’s The Difference Between These Models?

iCoffee single-serve brewers are a great alternative to Keurig coffee makers. If you’re a fan of Keurig’s K-Cup coffee pods or their other beverages, but not necessarily their machines, iCoffee machines make a great choice.

We have compared iCoffee and Keurig in a previous post that you can read here. In this post, we will be comparing two of iCoffee’s models: Davinci vs. Express.

Let’s first look at the features of each model.

Features of iCoffee Davinci K-Cup Brewer:

  • Uses iCoffee’s Spin Brew technology that spins, steams and stirs in the cup while brewing.
  • K-Cup brewer with multiple cup size options.
  • Brews from 4 oz up to 12 oz with an individual button for each size.
  • Compatible with all K-Cup style pods, including: K-Cups, One Cup, Real Cup and other private label pods.
  • Water reservoir capacity: 55 oz.
  • Removable drip tray allows for accommodating large mugs.

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Features of iCoffee Express K-Cup Brewer:

  • Features iCoffee Spin Brew technology.
  • Brews cups sizes 4 oz up to 12 oz.
  • Single Brew button, no size selector.
  • No water reservoir, fill up with fresh water at every brew.
  • Compatible with all K-Cup pods.

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What Is The Difference Between iCoffee Davinci and Express K-Cup Coffee Makers?

TitleiCoffee RSS300-DAV Davinci Single Serve Coffee Brewer with Spin Brew Technology, BlackSingle Serve Express Steam Brew Coffee Maker - RSS100EXP
FeatureFeatures Spin Brew technology which spins, steams and stirs in the cup while brewing in under a minute
One touch brewing for 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounce sizes
Uses ALL K-style cups including K-Cup, One Cup, Real Cup and EVERY private label cup
Energy Saver mode with Automatic Shut off
Features 55 ounce water reservoir and a large removable drip tray that accommodates large mugs
Spin Brew Technology-Spins, steams & stirs inside the cup while brewing in under a minute
Features the exclusive iCoffee Safety Lock
Pour's Brew- Add water for 4, 6, 8 10 or 12 ounce beverage size
cup reusable brewing cup included
BPA Free unit has a removable tray for cleaning, Compact Design fits easily in your kitchen or office. Please refer the User Guide before use.
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore Info

  • Both these coffee makers by iCoffee use the same patented technology to brew K-Cup pods. The machine’s needle not only injects water, but it steam and spins at the same time to fully saturate the coffee ground and extract a balanced flavor.
  • Also, both are compatible with all type of K-Cup pods.

The difference is in their size and capacity:

  • The Davinci is a larger machine, with 55 oz water reservoir. It has a size selector for each cup size and it brews sizes up to 12 oz.
  • The Express also brews up to 12 oz in size. But it doesn’t have a water reservoir. Instead, you fill up the water tank with the amount you want to brew each time. The iCoffee Express is most comparable to the Keurig K15 Mini.

Which One Do You Choose?

Whether you’re picking iCoffee Davinci or Express, you will be getting the same quality of coffee brew. But you’ll have to choose based on your needs:

  • If you’re buying the machine for family use, it’s better to get the Davinci with its large reservoir to avoid refilling the tank many times. Even if you’re a single user of the machine but dislike multiple refills, the Davinci will make a great choice.
  • On the other hand, due to its small size, the Express is perfect for anyone who has limited counter top space. It’s a great choice for single users, too, where the machine won’t be used many times a day. (unless you drink too many cups).
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